Giants Win

Welcome back to Weaver’s Sports Desk. I am back from vacation and looking forward to more baseball. As it stands right now it is a pretty tight race in the AL East, Central and NL Central. I have never seen it as tight as the AL Central. Over to Fox Sports Desk, Cricket, What do you think?….. As I said I was on vacation so I will quickly recap Sunday and Monday.

Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14 FINAL 8-3 Giants

Both team were wearing their pink uniforms. Reds were in there gray and pink unifors. Giants looked to be in their cream (White “Hard to tell”) uniforms. Opening the office was Jeff “Shark” Samardzija (Giants) and Tim Adleman (Reds).

Top of the 1st: Shark’s first was a ball. Reds get the hitting going with a 2 out double to deep. Bottom of the 1st: Denard Span is safe at 2nd on a fielder’s error. Giants open the scoring with a double from Joe Panik scroing Span. 1-0 Giants. Buster Posey scored Panik on a single to left. 2-0 Giants. Brandon Crawford and Christian Arroyo walk. Eduardo Nunez singled to left scoring Posy and Crawford. 4-0 Giants.

Bottom of the 2nd: Reds panicked and pulled their started after 1 inning. Span tripled to deep right. A Panik sac fly scored Span. 5-0 Giants. Crawford scored Brandon Belt (Walk) and Posey (Hit by Pitch). 7-0 Giants.

Top of the 5th: Reds are finally on the board, 7-2 Giants.

Bottom of the 6th: Belt goes the YARD to make it 8-2 Giants.

Top of the 7th: Reds add another runs, 8-3  Giants.

Top of the 8th: Steven Okert inherited the office from The Shark Samardzija. Gorge Kontos quickly found the office keys.

Top of the 9th: Corey Gearrin gets the keys from Kontos to lock up. Double play and a ground out = BALL GAME

Dodge The Dodgers, Monday, May 15 FINAL 8-4

Dodgers in their gray uniforms and the Giants in their cream (White) uniforms. Opening the office was Matt Cain (Giants) and Brandon McCarthy (Dodgers).

Top of the 1st: Cain’s first pitch was a strike (looking).

Top of the 3rd: Dodgers open the scoring with a double to right. 1-0 Dodgers. Bottom of the 3rd: Denard Span scored Mac Williamson (single to right). 1-1.

Bottom of the 4th: Brandon Belt and Buster Posey singled. Brandon Crawford scored Belt. 2-1 Giants. Eduardo Nunez reached on an infield single scoring Posey and Crawford. 4-1 Giants. Nunez scored on a Christian Arroyo sac fly. 5-1 Giants.

Bottom of the 6th:  Mac Williamson singled scoring Arroyo (Walk). 6-1 Giants.

Top of the 7th: Bryan Morris got the office keys from Cain. Bottom of the 7th: Posey goes the YARD. 7-1 Giants. Nunez doubled to deep center scoring Crawford (Walked) 8-1 Giants.

Top of the 8th: Josh Osich found the office keys.

Top of the 9th: Dodgers add on 3 more runs before Osich locks up the office.


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