Giants vs. Dodgers

My mom, Cricket and I have created a new page combining our love for the Indians, White Sox, and Giants into one page. Bare with us as we continue to add content.

In the office for the Giants was Jonny Cueto. Giants were wearing their all cream uniforms. In the office for the Dodgers was Alex Wood. Dodgers were wearing their all gray uniforms. I imagine it is weird for Dodgers fans with Vin Scully gone. Our condolences to Brandon Crawford from Weaver’s Sports Desk and Fox Den Sports.

Top of the 1st: Cueto’s first pitch was a strike (caught looking). Bottom of the 1st: Wood’s first pitch was a strike (hit foul).

Top of the 6th: Dodgers go the YARD to open the 6th. 1-0 Dodgers. Turner scored (Utley single). Grandal scored (Toles fielder’s choice. Utley out at 2nd). 3-0 Dodgers.

Top of the 7th: Steven Okert got the office keys from Cueto. Bottom of the 7th: Buster Posey with a 1 out single to center. Posey to 2nd on a passed ball. Christian Arroyo goes the YARD for 2 runs. 3-2 Dodgers.

Top of the 8th: Hunter Strickland found the office keys under Okert’s hat. Bottom of the 8th: Michael Morse to hit for Strickland. Morse takes a solo shot to the YARD. 3-3 tie.

Top of the 9th: Strickland got in some trouble. Mark Melancon played chase for the office keys and won.

Top of the 10th: Derek Law got the office keys to start extra innings. Bottom of the 10th: Gorkys Hernandez singled to right and stole 2nd. Connor Gillaspie walked. Nick Hundley with a sac fly to advance the runners. Pence also with a sac fly to score Hernandez.

Final: 4-3 Giants