Giants Win Games 3 with Padres

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Welcome to game 3 with the Padres. Johnny Cueto is in the office today. The Giants are wearing their all gray uniforms. The Padres are wearing their camouflage jerseys with white pants. Tomorrow, April 10, is the Giants home opener.

Bottom of the 1st: Padres get the hitting started with two 2 out singles but to no avail.

Top of the 2nd: Buster Posey with a lead off walk to start the 2nd. Brandon Crawford singles on a ground ball to right field. Chris Marrero with a 1 out single on a line drive to right field. Posey and Crawford score. Marrero to 3rd on a throwing error by right fielder. 2-0 Giants.

Top of the 3rd: Brandon Belt with a 1 out walk. Back to back to the YARD from Hunter Pence and Posey. Pence goes the YARD for 2. Posey goes the YARD for a solo shot. 5-0 Giants. Bottom of the 6th: Padres are on the board with a 2 run shot the the YARD. 5-2 Giants.

Bottom of the 8th: Cueto tossed the office keys to Derek Law. First pitch for Law and he gets taken for a run. 5-3 Giants.

Bottom of the 9th: Mark Melancon gets the office keys to lock up. Lights are out ( 1 out ). Padres Manuel Margot ( single ) and Travis Jankowski ( walk ) take a walk in the dark. Double play shuts and locks the door ( 2 & 3 out ). BALL GAME!!


With this win Giants are 2-5 and the Padres are 3-4.

If you want me to posts teams records please leave a comment.


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