Giants vs. D-Backs

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Welcome back to game 2 of the Giants series opener. D-backs are wearing their white uniforms. Giants are wearing their gray uniforms. In the office tonight is Johnny Cueto.

During the week any games that I cover for my mother, Cricket Fox, will be recaps due to my job.

Top of the 1st: Hunter Pence gets the hitting going with a 2 out double. Buster Posey is walked.

Top of the 2nd: Eduardo Nunez opens the inning with a ground ball single to center field. Joe Panik with a 1 out walk. Cueto with a ground ball single to right. The pond is full here in the 2nd. Gorkys Hernandez drives home 2 runs. 2-0 Giants.

Top of the 3rd: Posey reaches on a fielding error by second baseman. Brandon Crawford with a double. Nunez reaches on a fielder’s choice out, Posey out at home. Chris Marrero with a sac fly to score Crawford. 3-0 Giants.

Top of the 4th: Brandon Belt and Pence both single.  Bottom of the 4th: D-backs come within 1 to make the score 3-2 Giants.

Top of the 5th: Crawford goes the YARD to make it 4-2 Giants. Nunez with a ground ball single to the shortstop. Panik to with a 1 out ground ball single to center. Cueto reaches on a force attempt, fielding error by shortstop, Nunez scores. 5-2 Giants. Hernandez gets a 2-run double. 7-2 Giants. Belt also with a double to score Hernandez. 8-2 Giants. Bottom of the 5th: D-backs go the YARD for 2. 8-4 Giants.

Top of the 6th: Panik with a 2 out double. With Jarrett Parker batting, Panik advances on a balk. Bottom of the 6th: Cueto tossed the office keys to Cory.

Bottom of the 7th:  Gearrin flipped the keys to Gorge Kontos.

Bottom of the 8th: Derek Law gets the keys from Kontos.

Bottom of the 9th: Hunter Strickland gets the office keys to lock up. With the lights out (1 out) D-backs get a walk. Door shut and locked (outs 2 & 3).

Final: 8-4 Giants