Giants vs. D-backs

Hello everyone and welcome back to Weaver’s Sports Desk. We are joining the SF Giants in Arizona for their opening day. Hope you are just as excited as we are. Madison Bumgarner was given the honor of opening the office for the season. For those who can’t see the Giants are wearing their all gray uniforms and the D-backs are wearing their all white uniforms.

Top of the 1st: Brandon Belt with a 1 out walk. Hunter Pence opens the Giants hitting in the 1st with a sharp ground ball to center field. Belt moved to 2nd. Bottom of the 1st: 10 pitches for Bumgarner and we head to the 2nd.

Top of the 2nd: Eduardo Nunez singles softly to third baseman for a single to started the inning. With Jarrett Parker batting, Nunez stole 2nd base. Nunez opens the Giants scoring on a sac fly from Joe Panik. 1-0 Giants 2 outs. Bumgarner with a 2 out walk. Bottom of the 2nd: 3 and out for Bumgarner.

Top of the 4th: Nunez with a 1 out double to left field. Bottom of the 4th: 40 pitches for Bumgarner. The D-backs still can’t find their bats.

Top of the 5th: Bumgarner goes the YARD on a line drive to left center field. 2-0 Giants. D-backs starting pitcher is already at 92 pitches. Bottom of the 5th: Bumgarner is at 53 pitches.

Top of the 6th: Pitching change for the D-backs. Brandon Crawford with a sharp 1 out double to right center field. Nunez singles on a ground ball to center bringing home Crawford. 3-0 Giants. Another D-backs pitching change. Gorkys Hernandez to pinch-hit for Parker. With Hernandez batting Nunez stole 2nd. On a wild pitch Nunez moves to 3rd. D-backs challenge the tag-play, call on field is overturned. Nunez is out number 2. Bottom of the 6th: D-backs find their bats and a 2-run shot to the YARD suddenly ties the game 3-3.

Top of the 7th: Another pitching change for the D-backs. Bumgarner goes the YARD again to retake the lead 4-3 Giants. Denard Span with a 1 out ground ball single to 2nd baseman. Span is caught stealing 2nd for the 2nd out. Bottom of the 7th:  Bumgarner is at 88 pitches and it seems he starting to hit a wall.

Top of the 8th: Another office change for the D-backs. At this rate they are going to use their whole bull pen. Buster Posey with a 1 out walk. Crawford singles on a ground ball to right field moving Posey to 2nd base. Bottom of the 8th: Bumgarner tossed the office keys to Derek Law. Law is struggling. We are tied once more 4-4. No outs. Shacking his head Law flipped the keys to Ty Blach. 5 pitches for Blach then gives the keys to Hunter Strickland.

Top of the 9th: Panik with a triple. Conor Gillaspie to pinch hit for Strickland. Gillaspie with a sac fly to score Panik. 5-4 Giants. Span single to 2nd baseman. A wild pitch Span makes it to 2nd. Belt with a 1 out walked. Another wild pitch advances the runners. Span to 3rd & Belt to 2nd. Hunter Pence just filled the pond with another 1 out walk. Bottom of the 9th: Mark Melancon got the keys from Strickland. Lights Out and Door Shut. D-backs have locked up the office with 6-5 win over the Giants.

FINAL: 6-5 D-backs

Day off tomorrow then another game with the D-backs.


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