It’s Simple — Win or the Season is Over

The Giants are in New York to play the Mets for 1 game. The winner earns the right to play the Chicago Cubs, for the Division Series  and the loser goes home.

Madison Bumgarner is in the office today.

For those who can’t see the boys are wearing the dirty gray away uniform.

We may be in for a long night here.

Madison gives up the first hit of the night, next batter hits into a double play

Denard Span opens the Giants pond with a walk in the top of the 4th, picked off at 2nd (challenging the call, what a CRAP call, you can see by the replay that Span was safe.) Brandon Belt on with a walk.

*Bottom of 5th and Mets on the pond with a double.

*Top of 6th and Denard with a single, he is safe at 2nd with the steal.

*7th inning and Brandon Crawford walks, Angel Pagan safe on an infield single,

*Top of 8th and Conor Gillaspie is on the pond with a single, Madison with a sac bunt to move Conor to second. Brandon Belt walked, Buster Posey with a free pass and the pond is full. Former White Sox Addison Reed got the needed strikeout to close the inning.

*Top of 9th and Brandon Crawford on with a triple, Joe Panik walked. Conor Gillaspie goes “YARD” for a 3 to 0 Giants lead

*Bottom of 9th and Hunter Pence helps Madison turn out the office lights, Door is shut thanks to a catch in left by Angel Pagan, Denard Span helps Madison lock the office door for the win.

**Final Score

Giants – 3 and New York Mets – 0




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  1. Go Giants! Knock the pants off those Scrubs!!!


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