Did You Check Your Climbing Gear?

It’s the final game of the series and Albert Suarez in the office

For those who can’t see the boys are wearing their dirty grays.

Nunez opens the Giants hitting with a single to right, steals 2nd, tags on a fly ball deep to right, Buster Posey with a sac fly, Nunez home for a 1 to 0 Giants lead. After a review Hunter Pence is safe at 1st, but got out on a miscommunication.

Suarez first pitch a strike

On a double the Rockies tie the score at 1.

Gorkys Hernandez with the weirdest double I have seen all season. Brandon Belt goes “Yard” for a 2 run shot and its 3 to 1 Giants lead. Brandon Crawford with a double, Kelby Tomlinson with a ground out to 2nd getting Crawford to 3rd.

Top of the 4th and Gorkys with a solo “Yard” shot for a 4 to 1 Giants lead, Bottom of 4th Rockies with a solo shot cutting the score to 4 to 2 with the Giants still leading. Another solo shot, its a 1 run game Giants — 4 and Rockies — 3

Buster opens the top of the 5th with a single, Hunter with a double getting Buster home for a 5 to 3 lead,

Brandon Belt with a walk to open the 6th, Kelby safe at 1st with Belt out on the force. Mac Williamson at bat, (Suarez has given Bruce the keys to flip, to Steven Okert)

Damn nice catch Gorkys, I didn’t think he would make it but he did.

Steven Okert has done a keys toss into the bullpen and Hunter Strickland managed to find them.

Hunter with a single up the middle to open the 8th, Brandon Belt with a single of his own, Kelby with a single to load the pond. Adrianza in to pitch hit.

Will Smith found the office keys that Hunter lost.

Bruce to the office to get the keys from Will to hand off to Sergio Romo. Romo is taking over 2 outs and an empty pond, it’s a keys swap as Javier Lopez in on the way to the office.

Santiago Casilla in the office to lock up this game, Rockies with a solo shot to cut the lead to 5 to 4. Finally Casilla got the lights out, Bruce was forced to pull Casilla and flipped the keys to Josh Osich (don’t blow it, please dude)  and Josh just hit the batter and now a 90 foot gift. The office is a revolving door tonight as Josh is gone and Joe Nathan is getting the keys. Angel missed the catch and the pond is full.

With a 3 run Rockies  9th inning and the 2nd time in 4 days the Giants lose in the 9th inning.

Rockies– 6 and Giants — 5

Time to pack up and head for home, Day off tomorrow and then at the Arizona Diamondbacks