Jake in the office

0621141856_0001A BIG THANKS to my daughter Kendria Weaver for looking after Jake and the boys today. This is from her, as she covered the boys on my Facebook page

OK Giants Fans, for those that missed the Giants game today I am going to recap now.
Jake Peavy was in the office today.

1st inning: Turner singled to center and stole second. Followed be 3 outs.

2nd inning: Pence with a double to deep left. Belt walked followed by 2 outs. Peavy walked loading the bases. Nunez fouled out to catcher.

3rd inning: Posey gets walked after 2 outs. Pence grounded into fielder’s choice, Posey out at second.

4th inning: Belt gets walked. Panik singled to right moving Belt to second. 1 out. Williamson in for Peavy. Williamson got walked loading the pond. Nunez gets a double to center scoring Belt and Panik. Williamson to third. Pagan out at 1st. Williamson scored. Nunez at third. Gillaspie struck out.

5th inning: Jake Peavy is upset at having to leave the office so soon. He passes the office keys to Matt Reynolds. Home half of the 5th: Posey reached on infield single. Pence grounded into fielder’s choice, Posey out at second. Belt walked moving Pence to second. Panik lined into double play.

6th inning: Hunter Strickland is now in the office. Home half of the 6th: Blanco singled to center. Span hit for Strickland. He bunted into fielder’s choice, Blanco out at second. Samardzija to run for Span. Nunez and Pagan out.

7th inning: Derek Law now has the office keys. Home half of the 7th: 2 outs. Turner singled to right followed by the last out.

Heading to the 8th the score is 5-3 Giants

8th inning: Javier Lopez has now found the office keys. After 4 pitches Sergio Romo get the office keys. Home half of the 8th: 3 up 3 down.

9th inning: Santiago Casilla gets the office keys after the first batter of the inning gets all the way to third. After a lot of work Casilla gets the job done.

Game ova. Giants get the WIN 5-3.