Catch Up Ball – Jake in the office

Jake frustrated - CopyHave not had a chance to watch Jake’s last 2 outings until now, first up – July 4


Jake’s ERA at the start of the game was 5.33

Jake’s 1st pitch of the game is a strike, Jake with his 1st strike out of the day, Rockies with their first baserunner, smacking a double.

Jake threw 19 pitches in the 1st inning. 3 strikeouts in 1 and 1/2 inning. (wind played havoc with the outfielders) Jake just loaded the bases in the top of the 2nd. 1 to 0 Rockies thanks to a balk by Jake. (Mental mistake on Jake’s part) Home half od 2nd and Buster Posey belts one out of the park for a 1 all game.

Top of 3rd and Jake is starting out at pitch count 37, 3 up and 3 down inning with only throwing, bottom of the inning and Jake laid down a great bunt to get the runner moved.Angel Pagan with a 2 run homer to give Jake and the boys a 3 to 1 lead. That was an 8 pitch inning

Jake still in there at the top of the 7th – 93 pitches to open the inning, What a diving catch by Mac Williamson. Bruce had told Jake, let 1 guy on and your done. Well, after 109 pitches and 2 outs with a runner on first, Bruce kept his word and Jake was done.

Jake did get the win, lowering his ERA to 5.04, allowing only 5 hits with 1 run from a mistake. 2 walks and 6 strikeouts.

** July 9th against Arizona

Jake’s first pitch was a strike, What a way to lose your beer, fly ball to center.

21 pitches in the first inning and Jake is in a jam.

Jake needed a quick inning and a 10 pitch second got him through

**Joe Panik still recovering from the concussion and is working every day. No time on when he will return.

Top of the 3rd with Jake throwing just 7 pitches for that inning. Now that is what you want out of your pitchers. Angel Pagan with his 2nd single of the game. Sliding into 2nd, Angel gets hit by the ball stealing 2nd.  Angel home for a 1 to 0 lead, Brandon Belt with a stand up triple. The Arizona pitcher has thrown 64 pitches up to this point. 45 pitches is usually the target that a manager is looking for with his starter.

Top of 4th with Jake throws 43 pitches up to this point. He is looking good and working steady. D Backs take the lead 2 to 1.

**As Jake was walking off you could see his frustrations and all, what started out a good outing went south really quick. I have a feeling this is where Bruce says, enough.

Bottom of 4th and the Arizona 3rd baseman with NO sunnies totally misses the pop fly. Grant Green (1st homer as a Giant)  with a 2 run homer for a 3 to 2 Giants lead. Jake up to bat, there is 1 out and a runner at 1st. Jake sends a single to left

Top of the 5th and Jake is still in this, 65 pitches at this point, Bruce to the mound and Jake is done. Lopez takes over for Jake in the office. Kontos is now in the office. Lopez got the out needed.

Home half of the 6th and Blanco in for Williamson, Pena in for Green, Tejada with a double getting Blanco home for a 4 to 2 Giants lead.

Giants went on to win the game 4 to 2.

Jake got took his ERA to 5.09 with 4.1 innings worked. Jake threw 86 pitches total with 57 of those strikes. Only 1 walk and 3 strikeouts.