Jake against Oakland

jake 2 c - CopyIt’s catch up ball again, as Jake’s game took place during the White Sox game yesterday. The game moved from San Francisco to Oakland.

Brandon Belt opened the Giants half of the game with a double

Jake’s first pitch of the game was a strike. 7 pitch inning.

Top of 3 and Jake back in the office with a perfect game going to this point. A collision in the outfield and Pena is hurt, A’s batter is safe at 3rd. Scoring decision is an E-4, It’s a 1 to 0 A’s lead on the bunt, on a missed ball by Angel Pagan in left, base runner at 3rd, a home run took the score to 3 to 0 Oakland’s favor. (2 errors in the inning) You can see how annoyed Jake was, he was going well having established a great rhythm and they boys still screwed him.

Top of 4th saw Buster Posey  on with a single, Crawford with a single of his own, Trevor Brown loads the bases with a single of his own. Thanks Mac, 1st you miss the catch to save the home run, then you hit into a double play. Bottom of the inning and Jake was back with a 66 pitch count to open the inning, with a base runner on, the A’s take Jake for a home run taking the score to 5 to 0. Angel Pagan with an E-7 and a runner at 3rd. Jake had done everything right tonight and the offense/defense had screwed him. A double and another run scores for a 6 to 0 lead. Another single brings home another run for a 7 to 0 lead and Bruce ends the misery  sending Jake to the showers. George Kontos takes over for Jake in the office.

The Giants got their only run in the top of the 8th when, Belt walked, Posey on with a single, wild pitch moved the runners 90 feet. Belt home on a sac fly by Crawford for a 7 to 1 A’s lead.

**Final Score

Oakland A’s –  7 and Giants – 1

**Jake’s next appearance now is listed for 4th of July





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