Giants and Brewers – Tuesdays Game

imagesJake is off but I thought I would have a better look at Madison Bumgarner and the boys today against the Milwaukee Brewers. Angel Pagan has been reactivated as of today in San Francisco.

Madison looked good in this opening.  Buster Posey in the squat calling the signs today.

(I’m use to watching Jake so I know his quirks and all, Madison is a slow but steady pitcher.) It’s early but Madison has a no-hitter going.

Top of the 3rd and Madison’s pitch count is 28. Home half the 3rd with Panik up, safe at first after the call was overturned. Belt on with a single, Panik at 2nd. Double steal is successful. Belt with a single and they hold the runner at 3rd. Giants open the scoring 1 to 0

Top of the 4th and the no-hitter is gone with a single to center

Top of 5th and Madison has a pitch count of 48, so he has done really well today. Been economical. there was a homer on a 2 strike count for a 1 all ball game.

Posey on with a single to open the bottom of the inning. Bases are now loaded for the Giants with no one out. With runners at the corners, the Giants take back the lead 2 to 1.

Madison with strikeout #5 in top of the 6th. With 2 outs, a double and a single, the Brewers have tied the score at 2 a piece. Buster got the runner at second , the call was out but the replay was safe. no challenge.

Pagan opens the bottom of the 7th with a single to right. Blanco at first after a trapped ball in left. Runners advance on a wild pitch, Pagan races home on a 2nd wild pitch to claim the lead 3 to 2.

Final Score

Giants 3 and Brewers 2


**The Giants have already played today and swept the series winning today by a score of 10 to 1.

The boys are off tomorrow and open a series at the Tampa Rays.



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