Jake and the Boys playing the Cardinals

jake birthday 2 - CopyJake’s last outing on May 31, on his Birthday was his best yet. Today he faces off against the Cardinals to close their road trip. I can thank ESPN for picking this one up, it’s on TV this morning here in Australia. Nothing better to start the week then watching your favorite player.

Jake is looking for career win #150 tonight

For those who can’t see the game today, the boys are wearing their dirty gray away uniform.

Top of the first has Span leading off.

Bottom of the 1st and Jake’s first pitch is a strike. It was a good first inning just 9 pitches.

Hunter Pence and Angel Pagan are both on the D.L. Hunter will need surgery at some point.

Bottom of 3rd and the Cardinals score the first run 1 to 0

Top of 4th saw Blanco walk,Parker with a 2 run homer to give the Giants the lead 2 to 1.(if you get to see the highlights of this, watch the cards pitcher, the look on his face is priceless)

Bottom of the 4th and Jake is back on the mound, his pitch count is sitting at 43, he had a 10 pitch at bat to deal with but he is gong well.

**Madison Bumgarner wants to take part in the Home Run Derby during the All Star Game. watch this space.

Top of 6th and we have 2 ducks on the pond.  the 3rd wild pitch of the night sees the boys advance 90 feet. 1 duck (Duffy) home for a 3 to 1 lead. Blanco stays safe but moves to 3rd on the error by the pitcher.

Bottom of 6th saw back to back double and the Cardinals cut the lead 3 to 2. Jake is in trouble and upset with no outs and 2 runners on, Bruce pulls Jake. Strickland hit the batter and loads the pond. CArdinals just tied the game and there went of Jake’s work down the damn drain. Cards take the lead 4 to 3. (I know jake is pissed now). The Giants are falling apart, it’s 6 to 3 Cardinals.

Top of 7th and the Giants left the bases loaded.

It turned into a disaster of a game.

Jake went 5 innings with, 5 hits and 4 runs, 2 walks and 5 strikeouts. HIs ERA is at 6.41

Jake threw 81 pitches with 59 strikes. Jake faced 21 batters.

We should see Jake again for the Dodgers series.

The boys fly home tonight to San Francisco, have a day off tomorrow and Friday.

Heres hoping Jake and the boys can get it back together.




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