Giants at Home hosting the Blue Jays – played Monday

jake at home 7 - CopyMorning all, I am behind so this is coming 2 days late.

Jake was in the office for the first of a series with Blue Jays. I am still not sure if he is carrying an injury or if it is control issues. He is also not getting the support behind him on the offense/defense. What I don’t get is there are flashes of brilliance when others are on the mound by why cant they play the same when Jake in working.

**Top of 1st – Jake needs to go 6 innings. The further he goes the better it helps the bullpen. Jake’s first pitch is a ball. Jake has a full pond to deal with and only 1 out. Jays open the scoring 1 to 0.

**Top of 2 – Jakes pitch count starts at 28. its a 1,2,3 inning but the pitch count stands at 41

**Top of 3rd on a 3 and 2 pitch, Jake gives up a home run, he walked the baserunner earlier. its a 3 to 0 Jays lead

**Top of 5th – Jake got out of the inning and over 110 pitches is done for the day.

**The Blue Jays went on to win 3 to 1. Duffy scored on a ground out to short by Pence

Jake’s Numbers for the day: 5 innings worked, 5 hits 3 earned runs, 5 walks, 6 strikes outs and 1 home run. Has got his ERA down to 8.47

Should see Jake again for the Padres series.



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