Jake in the Office at Colorado

IMG_20160410_222818Game just starting and Jake will need his slider to work tonight if he is going to have any chance of beating the Rockies, also needing the offense to fire.

The boys are wearing the gray away with the brown and orange trim.

**Bottom of 1st – a pair of triples and the Rockies have a 2 to 0 lead. Jake looked a little unsettled but one of those triples got lost in the sun.

**Bottom of 2nd – gets his first strike out of the day. The bloody defense is going to kill me this season. Managed to get the outs needed but it was just plain ugly

**Top of 3rd – giants with runners on. Jake laid down a great bunt and got the runners moved over. Giants finally get some runs going for Jake tieing the score at 2 all.

**Bottom of 3rd – Jake with his second strikeout of the night. runner on with a double, it was a 3 and 2 count. Rockies with the lead with a 2 run homer. Rockies 4 and Giants 2. another double, this defense behind jake is going to drive him insane. Another run across home and its a 5 to 2 Rockies lead, Jake giving a free pass to get to the pitcher.(good call in my book), Jake got a strikeout to  close the inning. He has already thrown 65 pitches.

**Bottom of 4th – another triple for Rockies, it would have been a home run last season but with the changes it stayed in. Jake gets another strikeout, needs one more to close the inning. another double, run scores, its 6 to 2. It is a disaster night at this point. The defense behind Jake has not helped at all.

**Top of 5th – giants get on back its a 6 to 3 Rockies lead. A sac fly gets another run back cutting the lead to 6 to 4. Span scored cutting the lead to 6 to 5. Colorado changing pitchers.

**Bottom of 5th and Jake is finished.

Jakes numbers for today, He only make 4 innings work with 11 hits, 6 earned runs, 1 walk, 1 strikeout, 1 home run given up. Today his ERA stands at 10.00

Jake’s next outing should be against the Diamondbacks in San Francisco.

Jake with his first loss of the season, 10 to 6 to the Rockies


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