Always Been a Pitcher’s Girl

20160403_080358I don’t know why but its the pitcher that has really intrigued me the most.

It is the thought process between pitcher and batter, which pitch do I have thrown the least amount of times to get him out. It is who can take advantage of a mistake?

I first saw Jake when he was with the Sox, I knew from then I would be a lifelong fan. When the rumors started of his trade, it was upsetting to say the least. I got up to watch him pitch his final game with the Sox, wearing the throwback uniform. I cried for 2 days when the news came through. It was off to Boston, Judy who is my adopted Sister and massive Boston fan was thrilled to have him. It was Judy who named the battle of the Sox drawer.

Jake was then traded from Boston to the Giants and I followed him there. I still get excited when I know that he is on the mound doing battle for the Giants.

OK, why did I just tell you all of that. To hopefully convey this: the next time you watch a game, pay attention the the pitcher, try and see the game from his point of view. Put yourself in the batter’s box and see if you can hit what he throws at you.

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